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Excetus Partners LLC is an independent financial consulting firm serving the strategic needs of our clients. We provide financial, strategic and operational advisory services to our clients with a focus on private equity opportunities.

Personalized Service

We were founded on the belief that clients want the benefits of expertise from large global institutions with the personal service and focus of a boutique. Our professionals are all veteran dealmakers with extensive “bulge bracket” experience who have joined our platform to provide intellectually rigorous analysis and independent advice that achieves our clients’ long-term objectives.

Financial Expertise

Our global financial expertise includes some of the most complicated cross-border transactions in the market, including completing more than 100 transactions valued in excess of $100 billion in fourteen countries across a wide range of industries.

Client Experience

Our clients include some of the largest private equity firms in the world as well as their portfolio companies. In addition, we have worked with numerous public and private companies who have partnered with private equity firms.

In a world of increasing global competitiveness and volatility, our sole mission is to provide our clients with top-tier unbiased advice to help them achieve their goals.

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